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UK anti-racist organisations condemn all forms of racism and support peaceful protest

The Alliance for Racial Justice, supported by Action for Race Equality, has made a joint statement regarding the recent events in Israel and Gaza, and the impact on community groups and civil liberties in the UK.

The Alliance for Racial Justice is comprised of UK anti-racist, and human rights charities and organisations. We want to express our deep sadness at the considerable loss of life and suffering in Israel and Gaza.

As charities we urge leaders and the appropriate global organisations to call for the release of all hostages and make sure civilians caught in the middle of conflicts have access to life’s essentials: water, food, sanitation, medical facilities, and shelter.

The Alliance works to tackle systemic and institutional racism and
foster good race relations in the UK. Our country is one of the most ethnically and religiously diverse nations in the world and we are a richer country culturally and economically as a result.

We stand against all forms of racism, racial violence, and discrimination and this includes antisemitism and Islamophobia. Additional to our desire to achieve the elimination of Islamophobia and antisemitism, we also believe in the protection of our civil rights, including our right to peaceful protest. Therefore we call on all those in position of authority to ensure that these rights are protected at all times

At this very grave time in the Middle East, we understand the strong connections that exist with UK citizens. However, no one should be harmed here in the UK, because of their faith or ethnicity. Our diverse communities and their cultural, educational and faith buildings must always be respected and be safe and secure places.

We commit ourselves to working together to ensure all communities in Britain feel that they belong, are being listened to, and are being protected.

Signed By:
Action for Race Equality (Jeremy Crook)
Friends, Families and Travellers (Sarah Mann)
HIAS + JCORE (David Mason)
OBV Consulting (David Weaver)
Race Equality Foundation (Jabeer Butt)
Housing Diversity Network (Mushtaq Khan & Michael Da Costa)
Caribbean and African Mental Health Network (Charles Kwaku-Odoi)
Lancashire BME Network (Naz Zaman)
The Traveller Movement (Joseph McCarron-Shipman)

For more information on the Alliance, please contact us.

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